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How to maintain a high service level at times of minimal physical contact points?

Hotels face difficulties in maintaining their high service level due to the limited physical contact points that are possible these days. This is a good time to think about in which ways digitization can be used to maintain the high service level and moreover, reflect if the current ways of service are actually in line with what the modern traveller desires. Hotels that are able to digitize will have a competitive advantage during Corona times and come out with a stronger concept afterwards. Start-Up Waive helps hotels in achieving competitive advantage by digitizing the hotel services and offers. At the same time the collected data is used to improve the hotel’s digital strategy.

Maintaining high services

The hospitality industry’s most vital point are the physical touch points, where the guests are able to interact with the members of staff. The current situation however limits those touch points immensely. Due to the restriction’s hotel staff all over the globe have limited possibilities to fulfil the needs and wants of the limited number of guests, as all the establishments have to adjust to the continuous updating restrictions. As decreasing physical touch points is a requirement to minimize the risk of infections, the hospitality industry has now to seek for alternatives. Not only for short term, but also to think to a future as “tomorrow’s guest” will have a certain hesitation to increase the physical touch points after adopting to the current situation.

Digitization for short term benefits

The current situation urges hotels to rethink their organizational structure, also since less operational staff is available. Tools which are now implemented more and more within the industry, are digital touch points for the hotel guests to feel safer and provide the desired service through various options. Examples are communication lines through WhatsApp or information about the premises on the go. Improving the customer journey experience through the implementation of mobile application enables the hotels to maintain the restrictions while providing the high level of their services, through a different channel. A hotel has an increased opportunity to attract the modern traveller through the improving the digital infrastructure of each establishment.

Digital Traveller Waive
The modern guest will more and more look at hotels that are digitized, now but also after this Covid-19 dip

Digitization as long term competitive advantage

As the modern guest is already using various apps on their phone and cannot think of a life without it anymore, the hospitality industry is able to implement this level of convenience for their guests and develop the customer journey. The digitization of a hotel is not only going to impact the market during the Covid-19, it will also provide an advantage over the competition who did not understand the necessity of implementation, after this dip. Once the level of convenience is experienced and adopted in the travel experiences, hotels will have a new opportunity to maintain their high service level. The new improved structure of establishments which implemented digitization in their concept, will have a stronger competitive position on the long run.

Waive helps hotels to digitize

At Waive, we also came to an understanding that personalized service includes the distribution of information in the hotel, for the hotel and its surroundings. The usual location to receive this information is at the reception, preferably from the trusted concierge.

Our web application opens up a digital channel in which all the information that is usually given by the reception or concierge is centralized and readily available for guests. For questions or to simply make a reservation you can get in contact with the hotel staff within the same web app on your own mobile device. No longer a need to place physical advertisement, flyers, brochures or in-room telephones.

Our goal is to continuously look for digital improvements within your hotel. By opening up the conversation and work hand-in-hand with industry experts we aim to enhance the customer journey through our digital solution. 

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